Fujichia started in 1999 as a record label for CD-Rs and tapes, and quickly grew to include other manufactured goods. It was also a blog that I wrote on almost daily from 2000 to 2010. Now (and since 2020) it's a castle full of enchantments, a warehouse of material related to previous projects, a blog, and occasionally a storefront. New posts are on Tuesdays, but not on every Tuesday.

You can sign up to get new posts delivered to your email inbox, via our newsletter option: [substack]. There is no "premium content" option, but there are two tiers of paid options for the email thing, provided for the benefit of people that would like to pay something, with special consideration for people that are able to charge things like this to their job. All email options are identical.

About Me

Past projects include the monthly newspaper Mothers News, HBML junk shop, and the CTRI Innovations artists residency program. I maintain a fairly robust "here's all my projects" list organized by time here: [link].

Technical details of this website

After many years of maintaining websites and trying to look professional I've finally decided to just go for what I want and make the website into a spooky castle.

There are no ads, no tracking software, no spyware, no social media tools (nb: all social media tools are also, or mainly: ads, tracking software, spyware). This website is made by hand, written direct to HTML in a text editor, with no Content Management System.

This website should work ok on a phone but it's designed for use on a computer, and phone users will miss out on some functionality. Also some things might not work on tablets either. I have decided not to care! My thinking on this is: you can't read a book in the shower. It's just one of those things.

For minutia regarding the making of this website, please see this post: [link]

For up-to-date information on changes made to this website, please check the Groundskeeper's Log in the Utility Shed: [link]

For educators:

If you're showing this website to your students you have to tell me about it. Every now and then someone tells me "I showed my students your website and they loved it", so I have to assume this happens sometimes and I never hear about it. I want to know: that it happened; what you guys thought; if anything was broken / misconfigured / confusing. This is not an option!