A list of all events, publications, shows, and so on, in order, with the newest on top. I have a more-standard "artists website" [link] where I try to focus the reader's attention a little more and avoid listing the smaller stuff, the weird goofball shit, and the addendums, but I also feel like that stuff is important. So here we have the full timeline of events!

If there's an event scheduled for the future I'll put it here too, and I'll rely on you to know where you are in the timeline.

If I forgot something or got a detail wrong please let me know! For some of these events the only info I have is the flyer, and flyers rarely list the year... I'm definitely wrong on the years for a few items here.

2020/04/09 - No upcoming events right now, as we're all staying inside for a while. I'm still having "events" qua "points in time at which things happen" but they aren't really the sorts of things that one makes a flyer for.