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painting: "the Oracle" by Tom Bubul

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy guys hows it going how's everyone doing what's it like out there how are you. Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust checking in with this, the first post (bad luck to point out that it's the first post) on the new version of the legacy website. I'm trying for a weekly blast on this, every Tuesday from now till ?, and just want to let you guys know, right here, in the first one, that the first one is going to be bad, but they will get somewhat better over time, that's my experience. Some of the ones in the future will also be bad tho, that's allowed.

This used to be the main creation space, this website, where I wrote nearly every day for long long stretches of time, with intervals of disuse, from the year 2000 to the year 2010. I hesitate to say that this is where I learned to write, because who learns to write? But this is where I started to really enjoy writing. And it was a forum that I made use of to talk about, wow, just about every aspect of my life! This new round of website writing is not going to be like that, just going to say that right off the bat in this, the first post. This first post is about announcing that the new way is less about being a diary and more about being a broadcast, or like a letter that you get and then throw away, or a magazine clipping you find somewhere. The initial plan for this was "email newsletter", which is something I'm still working out the details for, but anyway, that's the vibe.

In keeping with the tradition established by the first iteration of the website, I will continue to use this space to "try and wrap my head around it". Possibilities for post formats include but are not limited to essays, questions, reviews, a collection of screengrabs, reader mail, interviews, guest posts, or "just saying hey". These are all viable categories for "what is a post". Some of these posts might involve trying to make sense of past projects, or archiving past works in some format. It would be great if I could use this space to chip away at larger writing projects, maybe to collate them later in some format, but who knows.

Announcements of upcoming events, that's going to be a utility of this website.

Having a dollhouse that I tweak out endlessly with funny little rooms and lights that work and secret passages, I can't help but picture that as a huge part of my experience with this website.

The original span of writing on this website is offline, and I have collected it safely, and sometimes in the evening I look at it or grep through it, for personal satisfaction reasons. What a relief to have that stuff no longer online! I'm not really a "burn the manuscript" kind of person, but I can definitely understand the desire. Maybe I'll call some of that stuff back up at some point though? It's fun to look at. I told Dan Wars that I'd make him a 10 volume set of books, 2000-2010, of the original run, but then I started to do just that, and I realized something interesting: I do not want to do that. That said, if you have a request for a topic to be searched in that body of material I will entertain the request, which is to say I'll consider it. 🙂


OK it's tough to get loose on this, the first one of the new way on the legacy website, and I'm trying hard not to introspect too hard, as I've found that to be a particularly swampy procrastination vector. Soooooo I'm just going to list some upcoming events and news items and click post, and drink some more coffee, and do other things. I'll be wigglier on the next wave. See you then, or if you're not reading this immediately, but much later, then just: Hi!

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