“the M&M’s one” poster by Brian Chippendale


Show poster by Brian Chippendale- Coachwhips, Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment, X-27, Cheeseburger Lotus, at the Cave of Time (aka Hilarious Attic). Silk screened in a pastel colorway. I love how the black linework is UNDER the color, like it was a coloring book that got several layers of cray-pas mashed on it. This is a great one, and if you’re not a bands person it’s no big deal because the words disappear into the design anyway.

I only have one of these so it’s act now or don’t. Buyer take note of the party corners- there is slight tearing where it was stapled to a wall. There’s also a 1″ tear on the lower right. Otherwise in great shape. Brian sold one of these recently for $400. With the dings and dents in this one I’m saying $100 and no complaints. 🙂

via Brian’s website:
1 copy of this maybe 7 color silkscreen. 25″H x 19″W. the original edition is unknown, probably around 50? There is a slight crease about 1/3 of the way down, visible in the photo. But it’s still cool looking haha. This is one of my favorite posters that I’ve ever made. A rare find… Venue was my house from 2002-2004, on this print the name is “The Cave of Time” after one of my favorite choose-your-own-adventure books. The venue name shifted from show to show. Providence RI. Printed in 2003. Designed and handprinted by Brian Chippendale.

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