Bat (w/catnip variable)


Here’s my version of the time-tested “flying eyeball” design, hewing close in form (black, erratic) to the classic bat. 22 inches from wingtip to wingtip, made of felt, with a hard plastic eyeball. Great for throwing around the room, hanging on a wall, dancing on the end of an invisible thread, or simply wadded up in a sock drawer and every now and then you say “what the hell is this” and then you take it out and go “oh yeah, a bat”. Or play a rousing game of “bat midden” (rules variable).

AS AN OPTION this bat MAY be stuffed with a catnip-infused stuffing, to delight a cat. As a present to a furry little creature in your life. If you don’t have a cat, or you have a cat but you don’t want it playing with your toys (that’s where I’m at), vote no on catnip.

free shipping in USA 🙂

sorry, no internationals 🙁

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no thanks, yes to catnip