Words I Looked Up

last updated 2022-04-30
A few years ago I got in the habit of taking a screengrab every time I look up a word in the dictionary. And now I have this funny list of lovely words. Some of these I looked up just to double check on the meaning or the spelling, but that counts.

updated sporadically

definition mutilvalent definition saute definition reprobate definition wistful definition inviolate definition senescence definition draught definition corporeal defintion prevaricate definition plenipotentiary definition cf definition concupiscence definition enmity definition tandsmoer tooth mark amount butter definition preternatural definition ineffable definition fulsome definition avuncular definition torpor definition unctious definition mutable definition plenitude definition apotheosis definition bork definition jouissance definition hegemony definition inviolable definition gosling definition untenable definition indelible definition outre definition doldrums definition affectation definition plutocracy definition barn sour definition frisson definition fungible definition indolent definition abstemious definition insensate definition dressage definition hegemony definition inane definition contentious definition stolid definition panegyric definition elide definition ebb definition pizzazz definition supercilious definition exuberant definition enervate definition interrogative definition languor definition vacilate definition hamstrung definition iniquity definition didactic definition torpid definition discomfit definition epithet definition elide definition iniquity definition unctuous    definition byzantine    definition unbidden    definition disinter    definition unseemly	   definition obdurate	   	definition recalcitrant    definition petulant	   definition sybarite	   definition temerity    definition onus    definition sessile    definition benthic    definition didactic    definition dissolute    define abysmal	   define parthenogenesis	   definition compunction    define shibboleth    definition obeisance	   define reverie	   define protege	   define animosity	   definition nepenthe	   definition ribald	   definition estial	   definition onerous    	definition assuage    definition propriety    definition trepidation	   definition gormless    definition ablation    definition frisson    definition nascent    definition compote    definition referent    definition gremmy    definition voluble    definition nee    definition liquer    definition orthogonal    definition vittle    definition frisson    definition defacto    definition apropos    definition resplendent    definition aphorism    definition buffet    definition egregious    definition flourish    definition purview    definition benediction    definitiona dispel    definition wastrel    definition extant    definition progeny    definition de rigeur    definition abnegate    definition fink    definition piety    defintion assonance    definition reverie    definition cockamamie    definition gild    definition epiphenomenon    definition gossamer    definition onerous	   definition grouse    definition dross list of definitions text wikipedia chthonic definition definition epistemic definition jeremiad definition extensible definition garrulous definition perspicacious definition fatuous definition corybantic definition vicuna definition nugatory definition commensurate define intractable definition turbid definition louche phone definition nonplussed definition flout define vector define shambolic definition myriad definition jawn