HBML rent club poster by Mike Taylor


For his contribution to the HBML rent club, Mike made this 3-part print. It’s 3 separate prints, each 10.75″ x 13.5″. Silk screened in 4 colors, although there’s more than 4 colors there- new colors are created with overlapping screens. I’ve shown them in the orientation that makes sense to me but I actually don’t know if there’s a right way up, or if this is it. I have 2 extras that I’m selling, get one for the beach house and one for the submarine. The prints are unsigned but they come with a card that is dated and signed by the artist, which is affixed to a piece of audio tape that’s wrapped around the prints.

Ships by USPS Priority mail. The shipping rate for posters is $9 flat rate for any number of posters.

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