last updated 2020/11/21
You're in a small library. It's warm, though cold drafts issue forth from depths unseen. On a long table someone has left out a large array of manuscripts. A smaller table has some notebooks and piles of paper on it. A low purple couch offers a dusty place to sit.

It's hard to see in here... You hear something creaking in the darkness.... You look around for a light...

My Writing

I'm trying to gather all the writing I did that was in some way "published", either by myself or others, and have it here in this library, to be read or at least to be ackowledged and catalogued. In situations where someone else published it and it's still for sale somehow, I'll link to a sales site. If it's no longer available for sale I'm considering it fair game to scan in and host here. In some situations there's extra text that got cut for the final product, which I have reinstated. In cases where the writing is on another website I will link to that website but also keep a local copy, either as a screenshot or as text. Not everything is readable online yet because I'm still chipping away at it, but there's a lot that's ready to go. If you can think of something I missed please get at me, especially if it was good.

Movies 2020
Again, I compiled a list of every movie I watched this year, from a quick grep of my personal journal. [link]
Movies 2019
I compiled a list of every movie I watched in 2019, from a quick grep of my personal journal. If anyone reading this also likes Tora-San feel free to contact me. [link]
this isn't really "writing" per se but it seems like it belongs in the Library. Sometime in 2019 I started to keep a little screengrab of every time I look up a word in the dictionary. That list is here: [link]. I guess I'll update this every couple months?
I resumed writing on this website, which you are now reading, after a 10 year hiatus. Previous posts native to the current version are currently stored in the coat room: [link]
Wedding Cake House Book
I had a piece of writing in the book "Ruffles, Repair, and Ritual", published as part of an arts show with the same name, to commemorate the opening of the Wedding Cake House, a small hotel in Providence run by the Dirt Palace arts collective. My piece is called "Roaming Around A Destroyed House", you can read it here: [link]
Cory Didn't Like It
I got a writing credit on a 7" record from the band Funeral Cone-- they did an adapted version of a song I wrote for them. My song was called "Cory Didn't Like It" but they changed the lyrics a little and called it "ABBA.C.A.B". This is in "writing" rather than "music" because I wrote it for someone else to sing. [youtube]
Rolling Egg
In concert with the Providence Fringe Festival, I produced a one-page zine every day for 4 consecutive days, writing it at night, editing and printing in the morning, delivering it in the afternoon, repeat. These issues were distributed at the festival but also available online for free as PDFs: [link]. I wrote about this project in a post, you can read that here: [link]
I started an artists residency program that meets in the space of a cup of coffee and conversation. After that you go home. This counts as writing because afterwards I do a little write-up on it. [link].
Happiness Pony
OK this is a little convoluted, but the free monthly newspaper Happiness Pony asked me to write an advice column for this one issue, but instead of a contemporary person asking a reasonable question, they sent me a question from the diary of Samuel Pepys. I did a great job because that's my nature but I humbly beseech the people of the 21st century to de-escalate your riffs before you transcend decadence into mayhem. [link].
Interview With/As Funeral Cone
Again, this is pretty convoluted but Funeral Cone asked me to be them in an interview for Maximumrockandroll. Unfortunately this was just after the edict came down from editorial "no more goofy stuff" and this is undeniably goofy. [link]
100% Publishing
I had a short-lived blog that was all book reviews, it's still up here: [link].
And That's Called Bad
I did a little write up on the Shangri-las for a zine about the Shangri-las. I don't think this is available anywhere but you can read my bit here: [link].
for the Boston Hassle
I wrote a year-ender for the Boston Hassle, you can read that here: [link]
Rot Omnibus
Wrote up an intro to Arthur Katrina's collection of Rat Radio comics, which originally appeared in Mothers News.
Scam Magazine
I wrote an advice column with Brontez Purnell for SCAM magazine, the 25th anniversary issue! Scam Magazine... a dream come true! You can read it here: [link]
wrote up a good pragmatic riff on the subject of "leaving" for Xander Marro's DEMONS anthology, vol 2, "Leaving". more info / buy a copy here: [link]
Lunar Observer
20 installments of a weekly essay for theoutline.com. I couldn't figure out how to view by author so I collected all the essays here: [link]. I got canned eventually either because I wasn't making the sort of sense they were expecting, or because I was advocating that people not look at their phone on the toilet, which looking back on it, that was their business model.
Mothers News
41 issues of a monthly newspaper. These are not online but back issues of select issues are available from Domino Books: [link]. "Essential reading" - the Paris Review. I'm (very very slowly) working on a book collection of/about this project, with added memoir/behind-the-scenes aspects. See also [link].
Remote Outposts
Greg asked me to guest on his tape review blog so I did this review of Tracey Trance's tape "101". You can read it here: [link].
Noo Weekly
I wrote a piece for this website (that isn't published weekly btw). They publish in chunks and Madeline ffitch curated this particular chunk. This was going to be in Mothers News but then I re-routed it because I wanted to be sensitive to people that don't want to read about stabbing things. Anyway you can read my entry here: [link].
RAV volume 1
I wrote an intro to the first collection of Mickey Zacchilli's comic book RAV Volume 1, on Youth In Decline press. I thought I did a pretty straight-forward job but then a review described the book as having "oblique accompanying texts". What's that all about? Is it because it was just words with no pictures? Should I have included a drawing of myself and then a line that goes from the words to my mouth? Gimme a break guy.
Happiness Pony
I wrote up a thing for Happiness Pony about the character of "Monkey", as part of their 4-part series on Hermes, Barnum, Monkey, and Legba, which was derived from an earlier riff of mine, regarding trickster figures. You can read it online here: [link].
for the Boston Hassle
wrote up a Best of 2011 for the Boston Hassle link
Comics Journal
wrote up a Providence Scene Report for the Comics Journal website. link
I kept an online journal at this location for ten years but I took all those posts down in 2015 or something. It was stressing me out thinking that writing from 20 years ago was still online, in a way that made it seem like I was still thinking this way. I don't want someone looking up their old band for instance and finding the only person talking about it is me and I was having a bad night that night. These old posts are all backed up on my hard drive, and I reserve the right to tease out some wayback content at any moment in the future. OK to request a topic for review 🙂


I think that catches us up with published writing. Bear in mind this list is just writing, there were plenty more projects, events, and releases, in styles musical, theatrical, and artistic, which I glossed over. If you want to see all of that stuff, to as far back as I care to recall, I've been trying to list everything here: [link]. There's a lot of weird stuff on there that isn't writing, music, a performance, or some other easily-defined category, and honestly that's some of the best stuff. Please let me know if I missed something or got the info wrong!


I love having conversations and doing interviews, which are just conversations that someone writes down. Some of these are perfunctory "pressers", some are more in-depth. But even the lite ones have cool parts. My favorite one is the one with MRR.

Nice weird interview with Mothers News in the December issue of Maximumrockandroll magazine. What an honor! Read it online here. Read this interview translated into Japanese here: part 1, part 2, part 3. Translation by mothersnewsjapan.tumblr.com, our Japanese fanslation squad! thanks!!!!
Sick Papes
Nice interview posted on Sick Papes. Mostly this blog is about scientific papers and at the time I was publishing a different kind of paper, but you know what, DIY means making your own rules and deciding when to break them. I was extremely happy to get to talk about dung beetles and I could tell that my enthusiasm was shared.
Boston Hassle
nice little interview on the Boston Hassle website in advance of my gallery show. [link]. archived via screengrab here: [link].
ARTnews did a nice little interview with me about my residency program, CTRI Innovations. You can read it here: [link].
I did a nice interview with Forge magazine, it's a little rambly but I had a nice time. This guy Matthew is so nice, I could've talked with him until sun up. You can read this online here or if you have a hard time with this online pdf format I made a website of screengrabs of relevant areas of the pdf here.
I did an interview with Brian Nicholson for ACRES magazine- we did this interview a long time ago, and I was under the impression that it wasn't going to come out, so I posted it here: link. But my information was off, or it was right but the situation changed. Anyway this was published in the spring 2017 issue, which you can order here: Acres.