last updated 2020/05/09

My Writing

I'm trying to gather all the writing I did that was in some way "published", either by myself or others, and have it here in this library, to be read or at least to be ackowledged and catalogued. In situations where someone else published it and it's still for sale somehow, I'll link to a sales site. If it's no longer available for sale I'm considering it fair game to scan in and host here. In some situations there's extra text that got cut for the final product, which I have reinstated. In cases where the writing is on another website I will link to that website but also keep a local copy, either as a screenshot or as text. Not everything is readable online yet because I'm still chipping away at it, but there's a lot that's ready to go. If you can think of something I missed please get at me, especially if it was good.


I think that catches us up with published writing. Bear in mind this list is just writing, there were plenty more projects, events, and releases, in styles musical, theatrical, and artistic, which I glossed over. If you want to see all of that stuff, to as far back as I care to recall, I've been trying to list everything here: [link]. There's a lot of weird stuff on there that isn't writing, music, a performance, or some other easily-defined category, and honestly that's some of the best stuff. Please let me know if I missed something or got the info wrong!


I love having conversations and doing interviews, which are just conversations that someone writes down. Some of these are perfunctory "pressers", some are more in-depth. But even the lite ones have cool parts. My favorite one is the one with MRR, which I have denoted with a small picture of an orange.