1. make your donation (any amount)

  2. clap twice, slowly
  3. ring the bell
  4. allow the bell sound to ring out completely
  5. clap once
thank you

Donations of $10 or more that include an address will get a drawing or collage on a postcard. Donations of $30 or more will get a miscellaneous envelope that includes a drawing and other material collected from the castle grounds.

All donations go towards maintenance of the castle and a stipend for the groundskeeper.

This bell produces sound, so please make sure your computer speakers are up as loud as possible. To test if your sound is working correctly, click here to play the sound of a cicada:
[cicada, 23 seconds]

Correctly performed bell ringing is good luck for you and for everyone that can hear it.

Your donations help enourmously. Please come back and ring this bell as often as you would like!