Truffle Pig

New product in the store, limited quantity, act now! It's an extremely cute little guy!

image The one on the right. photo by DJ Day Glow

This is a little four-legged fellow, roughly the size, shape, and density of a small loaf of banana bread (4″ x 9″ x 6″). I’m thinking that the frill in the front is used to sift through grass for bugs? Or to harvest dew on a spring morn? Or to pick up potato chip crumbs and other microfauna from the couch and its environs? It's like a tiny pink blue whale on stubby little legs that jump and dig. I've been calling these guys "truffle pigs", but that's really just an approximation, I don’t yet know what they are.


I made a whole little herd of these guys and while it's so nice to see a small herd of them, on my couch for instance, I am in fact going to sell them, for $30 apiece.

I also restocked the store with more sphinxes in different colorways, and I marked them down to $30 as well, for the holidays. After this week I'm thinking I'll shut the shop down for a bit, so if you want one of these guys act now!


I'll be shipping out immediately, that I can promise. But I can't promise that they'll arrive by Christmas morn, that's outside of my control. If you're in Rhode Island then local pickup is available as a shipping option, that's pretty fast.


I'm sold out of the truffle pigs! And I have closed the gift shoppe for the season. Thank you everyone!




I have a show up currently at Fuller's Speed Shop in Providence, there's a few huge stuffed animals I made (borderline furniture) and then I'm selling a bunch of regular-sized guys. The Speed Shop is a gallery space in Olneyville in the same building as the old Mothers News atelier, behind the old Price Rite and next to the mighty Woonasquatucket River, an extremely cool zone. It's open Saturdays and Sundays 8am - 2pm, and you can get magnificent espresso drinks, italian sodas, and hot chocolates from Peter, who whips them up on a beautiful old espresso machine. You can think of it as a coffee shop.

image The closing party is on Christmas morn but I haven't decided yet if I'm going to be there for that but I can promise if you go on Christmas morning it's going to be a cool scene and probably Dave Fischer will be there, he's there a lot. If you've been looking for someone to talk about Russian animation with then Dave Fischer is your man, he's a wealth of information on this and other subjects and he's suffused with a childlike glee. I'm not going to describe him physically because it's better if you're like "that guy?" and then later "wow, I guess he really is suffused with glee". If you're in Providence or environs and need directions to the Speed Shop go ahead and email me. You will never ever ever find it just by looking around, even if you know basically where it is. :)


I'm also going to be slinging my wares at the holiday sale at the good old Dirt Palace, that's Sunday December 18th from noon to 6. But it's not like a movie, you can show up any time in that window. The Dirt Palace has a location that's easy to describe, it's at 14 Olneyville Square, you can't miss it. I don't know who all else is going to be there but I know there's going to be 2 floors of vendors and I just got confirmation that sportswear magnate and artiste Daniella Ben-Bassat will be tabling (God willing). As for Dave Fisher and coffee I gotta give a strong maybe. I'm thinking no on the coffee but the last holiday sale there was some, it was dusty in a way that was nostalgic. But maybe the coffee was for vendors only? At closing time I added a dash of amaretto to the demitasse, that was definitely off limits to the gen pop. If you need good coffee you might want to pre-load for this.


Lastly (for now) I'm going to be selling some toys as part of Ricky Rainbowbeard's show about Toys, on December 17th at AS220. AS220 is very easy to find- they used to be at number 220 whatever street, because I guess they couldn't agree on a name, but now it's at 95 Empire street in a large sprawling compound.

The Rainbow Beard show is like a live kids show, I'm thinking that the segment of my readership that might be interested in this AND can go to this PROBABLY knows about this already but anyway it's from noon to 4, it's like a little marketplace with vendors and then Ricky's going to do a little show every half hour. I was on Ricky's show once a few years back, I talked a little then did a short low-volume noise set with just a speaker and a 9 volt battery and some actual garbage and got some deep nods from an audience of mostly 7 year olds and their parents. This time around I'm just tabling my wares, but it looks like the effervescent duo of Reba Mitchell and Joe DeGeorge will be in the show proper. Dave Fisher is a definite no on this, coffee is possible but unlikely, amaretto definitely no.

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