Moticos #2


Sometimes it's fun to write, sometimes it isn't, sometimes it starts off like a chore and turns fun, sometimes you're close to something but you got nothing. Sometimes you write enough that you change your own mind and have to erase everything! I'm not complaining- I just want to acknowledge that sometimes you're pooling cool water and sometimes you feel like you're just shoveling sand out of a hole and it's falling back in the hole and you're in the hole. Probably a lot of people out there know what I'm talking about. "But you love this hole!" people cry. True, true, very true.

When one way of working stops working it's good to switch modes a little. I have a couple little abstract things I do when the words stop connecting, one of them is making these little books, I call them Moticos, after Ray Johnson.

All the drawings are made quickly and without hesitation, on the touchscreen of a Gameboy DS using homebrew drawing software. I print them at home on my printer. Crayon on the covers. I found that putting the drawings in order, making that decision, was a stumbling block to completion. So for each copy I rearrange the pages. Here's a scan of one of them from a while back, please imagine that in other copies these drawings are paired up differently-- it's like a tv show set in a small town and sooner or later all the characters get to interact, but you only get to see one episode. Hopefully these pages will display on a desktop computer close to actual size (2 x 2.5").

I have a strict method of making these drawings-- a particular way that I make blobs, then a free way in which I add to the blobs or subtract to make an image of a character. I try not to think about it as I'm doing it, each one is just a weird little guy. This issue has a helicopter, a dracula, a few toughs, a few noise bonnets, a pissing dog, some lizards, some maidens, some party people. Sometimes writing is difficult, sometimes it's easy. These weird little guys are always easy and always right there behind my mind.

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