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Piss 2020

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Are you guys drinking enough water? I always try to make that my resolution but I can never get it to take. This year instead of aiming at the problem I'm aiming through it, and instead of writing "drink enough water you idiot" on an index card and taping that to my computer monitor, I just decided that it's "Piss 2020". It's really working out great so far. I'm drinking enough water, I'm in much less daily fog, and tasks are a little bit more achievable. I always suspected this would happen, this feeling, but still nothing happened at all, no change, until I decided: "Piss 2020".

I don't even know what it means concretely, it just sounds good. And now multiple times a day I think to myself "it's Piss 2020" and then I go to the sink and chug a pint of water. That's good marketing! Don't tell me this is actually unhealthful, anyone. That's unrelated to my goal. Which as I said I don't know what that is. Except that it's "Piss 2020".

Integrating a new good habit can be tough, honestly, and probably around now if not already, a lot of you are giving up on resolutions. I hear ya. I'm much better at Lent, which is finite. When Lent ends and you give in, and go back to eating BBQ potato chips or whatever, that's a triumph, not a failure. And also Lent doesn't have a personal betterment requiry-- you can give up something that's bad for you or something good for you, either way, as long as it's something you at least kind of like. Even though Lent is a religious thing, there's no moral direction, it's just like, a physical challenge. A secular abstention moment. New Year's resolutions are more like This Is How It's Gonna Be From Now On Me Good Forever. It's too heavy! I'm great at a weird rule but only if it's just for now-- for long term change I think I'm better suited to a conditional statement or cryptic visioneering. I need wiggle room.


One year a while back for her yearly motivational slogan one of my roommates chose "No Drama" and for unrelated reasons I chose "Embrace The Chaos". For a little while we were in a tug-of-war with our third roommate, each of us yelling our platitudes at her and stomping our feet, trying to get her to see our particular light. Of course she didn't choose either, but absolutely twizzled our rigid little minds by choosing for herself the motto: "Ride The Wave". I was dumbfounded! She really took a thesis and and antithesis and produced a synthesis! A textbook example!

I hope "Piss 2020" can be like that, a new vantage point. I was talking a lot last year about moving the model of personal artistic production away from catharsis and towards peristalsis. Does that make sense? I feel like cultural critics prioritize catharsis and massive works as the gold standard in art, even in DIY scenes, but it's not healthy. Every now and then a massive work strains the facility, an opera or something, that's to be expected, and yeah when you've got something big in there, you gotta blast it out somehow. But you can't optimize for clogging up like that, it's disgusting. You gotta keep things in motion, that's peristalsis. But then at the same time it's not nice to walk around wholly unrestricted, ruining couches and family gatherings. And besides, you need to build up a little pressure if you want to get any distance, that's simple physics. What I'm saying is that you need a middle way. Piss 2020.


Tetradyne Cola from Powr Mastrs #3 by CF

A good example of piss energy is Mozart, who didn't just write operas, symphonies, and sonatas, but also numerous dances, divertimentos, and other forms of light entertainment, plus quartets, quintets, pieces for solo piano, other forms of chamber music, masses, and other religious music. Also he didn't have Tourettes as previously postulated (I just looked this up), he just loved to swear! God bless!!!! I know I've said this before but remember in the movie "Amadeus" where F Murray Abraham calls Moz "The Creature"? That entire movie was made up, it's a movie. But it rules. "The Creature"... so sick. If I found out someone was calling me "the Creature" behind my back, God, that'd be honey in my cup.

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