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Phone Book

Been in the house for 2 weeks (3?) so I might as well point this microscope/telescope back in time and switch to archive mode for a little bit, with a look at PHONE BOOK. PHONE BOOK was a band circa 2006-2007, me and Jim "GT" Tarantino. By this time I had been playing shows for […]

Lemon Bag

What's up everyone how's your scene, I'm indoors right now just jamming, trying to keep my mentality up. Yesterday me and Mori put up a clothesline outside in the yard, plus twin clotheslines inside for intimate apparel- there's no laundry at the apartment so we're washing clothes in a bucket in the shower. It's too […]

Tainted Alligator Soufflé

Gig Report: Strawberry Band

Damn, my new band had a show the other night and it was extremely fun! No idea who's reading this and what are your powers to engage in this quest but if you have the opportunity to play music with other people I strongly recommend it. Music is great, even when it's difficult, requires work, […]