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Glitch Roundup

Screengrabs of glitches, transcription errors, non-human solutions, unexpected results, scaling problems, interventions, spam, inadequate buffering, visible glue, placeholders, kludges, clogs, scratches, and drips. Most were wild-caught. Some are pretty old- spam styles long abandoned by spambots, old CAPTCHAs, styles of distortion that are not longer produced by playback machinery. The ones that aren't old will […]

Mnemonics / Dr Mario

If you asked me what I've been up to lately, I'd tell you straight up the honest answer: I've been cleaning my room. It feels like this is all I do lately but it's ok because I love my room, even though it drives me crazy. I have a lot of projects part-assembled, pieces of […]

Put Me In A Movie

If you ever watch movies with the subtitles on, try this trick- do a search and replace in the movie's subtitles file (.srt) for a main characters name, switching their name with the name of whoever you're watching the movie with. The subtitle file's just a regular text file, you can do whatever you want […]