Fujichia started in 1999 as a record label for CD-Rs and tapes, and quickly grew to include other manufactured goods. It was also a blog that I wrote on almost daily from 2000 to 2010. Now (c. 2020) it's a blog that I endevor to write on weekly. 10 years on, 10 off, now back on. I still like to play music and make items. New posts on Tuesdays.

About Me

Past projects include the monthly newspaper Mothers News and HBML junk shop. I run the CTRI Innovations artists residency program and maintain a fairly robust "here's all my projects" page here: [link].

Technical details of this website

The current version of this website is designed to look like the way I write at home- white on black, in DevaVu Sans Mono. In my old way of doing websites I didn't think it was good practice to force a browser to load a particular font. Now I feel like "everyone does it" plus "whatever". Headings are in Cooper Black.