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Main Entrance

now showing in the grand ballroom: Tom Bubul "Selected Cousins & Braintrusts".
Take the door below to the stairs, then go up a flight and it's the first door

Newest One:


Light Housekeeping


Not every room of the castle is open during the current round of renovations, but you are welcome to visit and/or hang out in :

Coat Room
contains previous posts back to 2020/01, plus some coats.

Stairs to the grand ballroom and the library. For anyone looking for a washroom there's one on the second floor.

image Additionally there are features outside the castle that may be of interest- a pond where you may run into another visitor, and the Groundskeeper's utility shed, which lists page changes and serves as the Groundskeeper's base of operations. To explore the castle grounds exit via the green door on the right.

To get the new patch, in celebration of the 1000 year anniversary of this castle, please make a donation in the temple area: [link].