Regarding Comments

Crocodile @ 5:21 pm

the first time you leave a comment it gets held up. then it gets approved, and then after that you can log in and leave comments that will show up immediately.

approval might take a few hours, because i’m not trying to spend all my time on a website. this is kind of a pain in the neck but i want to have space for nice lil convos and check-ins, and not have it turn into a complete shitpit.

the guestbook is just a post with an open comments thread for any comment or chatter not related to a specific post.

also, it’s totally ok / not weird to just say hi! especially “hi from [location]”. i feel like by and large the age of the comment is passed, but comments can be very nice! as a writer it’s nice to hear from a reader, even if just to say “i’m out here”.

replies from the author of the post being commented on will show up in a lavender box.

Thank You!

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