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whoops, almost forgot why i started writing that last post…

i’m not gonna leak too too much stuff like this, but this blog is for process and leaks, so here’s a potential part of the appendix for the Mothers News book, it’s every (?) “previously” joke from the masthead of the paper. now that i’m working with strictly text files, it’s easy to produce lists like this. in this case via the command

grep "^[pP]reviously" textfiles/*.txt

pretty sure this is one of those parts of the paper that only i really liked. shoutout to Man Is The Bastard (AKA Charred Remains) for this one. as is my custom, some of these are jokes about specific things, some are just a bunch of words crammed together.

in order from oldest to most recent

  • previously Miami Art Museum Gazette
  • previously Archie Double Digest #563 time traveling hamburger
  • previously the Late Providence Frontiersman
  • previously the Gudger College Sentinel (go Sea Eagles!)
  • previously Time Magazine
  • previously the Quinsigammond Star-Gazette
  • AKA Charred Remains
  • previously the Coconino County Press
  • previously the Daily Planet (Earth 5)
  • previously the Last Words Of General Grant To His Nurse
  • previously the Lewisham Recorder
  • previously the Olneyville Ledger
  • previously the “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen” letters column
  • previously the Boston Ballet inter-office memo
  • previously Performance Of War magazine
  • previously Punk On Wave magazine
  • previously Several Bundles Of National Geographic magazine
  • Previously TIME magazine
  • Previously a bottle of Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 Peppermint Soap
  • Previously the Monument Valley Gazette
  • Previously the Dick Miller Fan Club Newsletter
  • Previously OMNI Magazine (No Words Edition)
  • previously ROLLING EGG
  • previously GOD’S BEARD NEWSPAPER 1974
  • previously the Gotham Valley Broadcaster
  • previously the We Hate Harry Potter Beat Us Up Club
  • previously the Having A Great Day Outside Instead Of Editing A Stupid Newspaper All Weekend At The Last Minute Like A God Damn Idiot Show
  • previously Happy Times Comics supplement supplement
  • previously Teen Skunk Monthly
  • previously Flamboyant Crimelord Gazette
  • previously Ranger Rick
  • Previously New Organs If We But Cultivate Their Need
  • Previously Immortal Fangs With Which To Butcher The Carcass Of Time
  • previously the Journal of Last Year’s Birds Nest With Not Much In It
  • previously Cahiers du Tlön
  • previously Journal des MarxĂ­stes (Tendance Zeppo)
  • Previously DOG’S LIFE
  • Previously YARD WASTE
  • Previously Black Squirrel’s Field Notes
  • Previously Anchor Watt Houseboat Digest
  • Previously Word Up Magazine
  • Previously the Journal of the Society for Rabelaisian Studies
  • Previously Nights In Our Majestic Senate
  • Previously How To Play Badminton
  • Previously Readers Digest
  • Previously Bass Clarinet Instruction Manual
  • Previously Introduction To New Poems
  • Previously Turok, Son Of Stone
  • Previously Hot Blanket
  • previously Aware-Of-Vacuity
  • previously Great Sage Equal To Heaven
  • Previously Life Magazine
  • Previously The Exorcist
  • previously Grail Research diary
  • previously Damp Tenement
  • previously Animal Dentist
  • previously (and still) Mothers News
  • previously Monsters News
  • previously Some Earth Catalog
  • previously “Blanche’s Birthday” episode of Golden Girls
  • previously the Ridgefield Press
  • previously the Ununfollowable Thread
  • previously the Invisible Hand
  • previously Amethyst Turnbuckle
  • previously Cold Chili Comics™
  • previously a bunch of trees
  • before that- other formations of matter
  • previously Pull The Strings
  • previously Masonna Fangazette
  • previously the Bayou Tribune
  • previously Daily Gazette Spinning Knife

    toynbee idea / string ball

    Crocodile @ 7:45 pm

    the past couple days i’ve been working on editing the long-promised Mothers News collection book. step one is getting all the writing out of the image files and into text docs, i just finished that. now i’m trying to work it into some format that might work as a book. no release date yet, i’m honestly just getting started on this, despite talking about it for literally years in every public or semi-public forum i could (as an attempt to thrush out a potential editor). gonna be self-publishing by default, but i’m going to try avoid presales if possible, that sort of thing is too stressful!

    motivation is always a problem when you work alone, and i have a lot of tricks at my disposal, which i require, because i’m honestly not a hard worker. i think the trick for this book project (which i want to both be good and eventually reach completion) is to have a secondary goal that is far beyond the basic goal, and shoot for that. then i can focus on that goal without stressing about nearness to the now-forgotten original goal. too often i allocate my energy funds to get me right up to what i want, and then if anything happens along the way, i reach my goal riding on fumes, if at all. in this way i can ideally fly through the mark like a champ.

    there are sports analogies for this concept- aiming through the target, etc.. my code name for it is “toynbee idea”. and there’s a similar principle that works in tandem called “string ball”, which i arrived at accidentally-

    when i’d pick it up Mothers News from the press, it’d be wrapped in string, and i of course saved all the string and rolled it into a ball. all the string got added to the same ball. after a while i found myself putting out a new issue in part just to get more string for the ball. the ball is on my shelf now, and honestly it’s aggravating that i don’t have more string for it. i keep looking at it thinking “i should just do another issue, even if it sucks…”

    the toynbee idea is a large pull from a far distance, the string ball is a weak pull from a close distance. one is macro and one is micro.

    anyway for my twin goals of 1. having a nice book and 2. the book exists, i have two secondary goals:

    1. having an index / appendix (this is my string ball)

    2. going on a reading tour (this is my toynbee idea)

    i figure you have to have a pretty good book, substantial and well-designed, in order to justify an index / appendix, and i’ve already thought about a few nice appendices, so i really have no option but to do a nice job. but design is something i can endlessly fuss over, so having a tour is a good thing to shoot for that requires a completed product. even though i said no release date, my ideal goal for this is late may / early june, when the rhododendrons blossom and i traditionally begin a new project.

    ps- gotta add that i’m also working on the japan book! which is way closer to completion (and is a mellower project). that’s been my writing project, whereas the MN book has been up to now mostly just inventory.


    cool on phone

    Crocodile @ 9:08 pm

    nb: website looks cool on phone, bark at me if it looks too fucked on yr phone

    also nb: prob gonna blast at will and be a mess till things take shape. no rules on a website personalle


    new shit from cool dog and count zero

    Crocodile @ 8:58 pm

    buddy news from yesterday:

    frankie’s doing a series on tcj about risograph printers, and he interviewed mickey zacchilli, it’s great: as someone who is disdainful of expense, i really appreciate her comments on getting into riso because it was cheap and weird (and is no longer cheap or especially weird). man, mickey’s the REALEST!

    christopher dropped 2 new records on a website, they are both really good! one is as “Universal Cell Unlock”, one is as “Overpass”: so good…

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