change jar system

Crocodile @ 2:37 pm

the other night me and mori hit the coinstar and got pizza, here’s the savings report.

my coin system, after many iterations, is as thus:

  • large size plastic peanut butter jar
  • spray paint the inside to make it opaque
  • cut a slit in the lid, big enough for 2 or 3 stacked coins to fit through
  • glue the lid on

the lid is glued on to make it impossible to poach any of the silver out. you have to cut the jar open when you’re ready to cash out but it’s not a big deal. an earlier change system had a jar half-full of water that the money went in, which was cool except that you could still reach in and find a quarter, it was just annoying (and not annoying enough). also it made the pennies all weird.

the inside is painted opaque so i can only wonder but not really know how much is even in there, until it’s just about full.

i think as a result of these factors, i found myself obsessed with putting change in the jar. i would get change at every opportunity, spending only bills. even if the charge came to 2.05 and i knew i had a nickel, i would hand over $3 to get the $.95 back. as soon as i got home i would put the change in the jar.

i cashed in when it became physically impossible to cram another coin in. it weighed 8 pounds 15 ounces and the total came to $113, that’s about $12.60 a pound. maybe that number will be useful somewhere down the line. my guess before opening the jar was $120, not too far off! i forgot to take a pic of the coinstar receipt to get the coin breakdown. oh, this is the total before the coinstar fees get taken out, and the fees went up, from 8% to 11%. the machine is fun to use, but for $12, next time i’ll just count out and roll my own change.

pizza report: bob and timmy’s is now just “timmy’s”. what happened to bob? the inside is redesigned and looks more “modern”, the prices are a liiiiittle higher (except for pizza i and pizza ii, which are the same i think), everything else is the same. we got pizza i and the official appetizer of rhode island, which is fried calamari with banana peppers.

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