November 07, 2019 at 09:22AM

insto @ 2:33 pm

Free pins for the last couple years of the Bach marathon. There was no pin for years 1&2 because I didn’t think of it yet and there was no pin for year 5 because I just forgot! This year in addition to the free pin there’s a fancy enamel pin with glitter, which will be a gift for people who performed and also for sale. If I have any enamel pins left on Sunday I’ll put them online but I’m not releasing the pics of that one yet, it’s too good. Bach is fun to draw- you just make a big fluffy wig with lots of interior room for thought crystals, then pour coffee into it. This year’s pin looks a little like Brian May but that’s not entirely wrong. Bach to the Future is this Friday, November 8 from 7pm to 7am. Feel free to check in and out at any time, but if you want a pin, try to get there before midnight- I only made 300 and I’m only putting one aside, for @finger_on_the_button . #bttf7 #bach



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