September 28, 2019 at 10:57AM

insto @ 3:39 pm

Sale at @analogunderground today, 10% off everything, and $3 records are $1. Like this Bohannon LP that is weirdly $3 is now uncomfortably $1. Bohannon rules, can’t understand why there isn’t a huge Bohannon resurgence. Some tracks sound like a tighter Talking Heads, but instead of singing about airplanes or whatever the songs are like “I like to dance / let’s dance and have fun”. I mean I like Talking Heads but come on. $1. I’ll be here for a while, the sale goes 11 to 7. With our favorite DJs: Black Floyd, DJ Day-Glow, and more! And snacks: chips, pop, and more! And people: me, Dave, and more! On Broadway next to Nick’s #bohannon



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