September 26, 2019 at 07:44PM

insto @ 12:50 am

Ok I’m working on the Mothers News book but its a little too much living in the past for me now. I mean I’m going to keep working on it but I need a distraction quest for when I need to close the tabs for the day, something creative I can switch gears to. Also the MN book is going to take a long time and I’m going to need the emotional boost of a job well done well before that. So, anyone got a press, label, gallery, or org that wants to put out a zine, book, record, show, etc? I’m looking for a finite project in the short to medium term. Got an idea for a collaboration? Need a sample for your grindcore, trip-hop, deep house, or gabber album? Want to publish my zine of Ellsworth Kelly riffs? My noise tape? Need a name for your band? The door’s open to projects big and small. I can’t say yes to everything but i’m trying to say yes to 5 things before the end of the month. Email is #llamacliente #alpacalunch #apollokids #work



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