September 05, 2019 at 03:40PM

insto @ 7:59 pm

I have completed the first step in making a preposterous website for my zine archive- scanning in all covers. Pearl Pony’s “The Ghostbuster of Terror” was the last one in, though I just realized (while typing this comment) that I have to do all the Mothers News back issues too. The collection is comprised of nearly 1500 pieces and includes nearly every zine that anyone ever handed me, sent me, or traded to me. The next step is adding metadata, and getting everything in chronological order. I don’t have a great reason for why I’m doing this, but its nice so far to see the breadth of this format, to see how many possibilities there are, and to imagine how many reasons one could have for making a mark on a piece of paper and handing it to someone. Thank you to everyone that handed me a zine over the years, or dropped it somewhere I could find it! Probably going to drop an early version of the page with a call for suggestions on how to proceed early next week.



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