July 11, 2019 at 04:54PM

insto @ 9:39 pm

Cheers to the practical ceramic figures of the stove side: this Bibendum ashtray I got from Angela when she moved out of Building 16, and this kappa chopstick holder I got in Shigeru Mizuki’s hometown. I’m making candied watermelon rinds right now, you guys ever get into that? I found a few complicated recipes online and one blessed comment that told me what I wanted to hear: You Don’t Gotta Do All That. The basic way is: leave a little bit of red, cut off the very outer peel, chop into French fry thickness, cover in half as much sugar as rind, wait at room temp until a liquid is produced, cook until syrupy, then jar. Gonna try a little bit once it cools and save the rest for cold weather ala Dandelion Wine. Gonna go ahead and tag @_a.reid_ because this is primo Ali Reid shit. Hi Ali!



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