May 20, 2019 at 05:23PM

insto @ 9:39 pm

I’m back on my own rug, gonna try to portion out these Hard Boiled Cola Gummies to last me for as long as possible. Porting fizzy to sour is a genius move. The masc vibe on this is unnecessary but I guess it makes sense if you were one of those kids that didn’t like seltzer because it “tastes angry”. To the left are some grape cigarettes I bought for Penny Purtle, he likes chalky stuff. To the right is a gachapon toy I got that’s an ancient Japanese terracotta figure. Gachapon is what capsule toy machines are called in Japan. I just looked it up on w’pedia and learned that it’s an onomatapoeia- “gacha” is the sound of turning the knob, and “pon” is the sound of the toy dropping into the basin. Gacha gacha gacha, pon pon pon. I spent the last couple days at my beloved desk, writing up ideas from my trip. They aren’t all terracotta figurines but I just gotta turn the knob and let them fall out one by one.



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