May 03, 2019 at 08:53PM

insto @ 1:27 am

Waking up in Kyoto. Stayed up late drawing temples, trains, horses, and train-animal hybrids with Tamagodon. Getting ok at drawing horses. Shout-out to Matt Carroll for teaching me how to to think about horse legs, and shout out to Katie Wade who sat next to me in 4th grade and drew horse after horse– I didn’t realize at the time how difficult it is! The trick to the leg is to think of it like human leg but the top part of the leg (hip to knee) is real tiny and basically inside the body, and every other part is extended- what looks like a backwards knee is basically an ankle. Front legs are sort of like human arms with a similar displacement. A horse is a good thing to get people that don’t draw to try to draw, I recommend it. And thinking of things as having similar drive trains but with different ratios is a very useful analogy framework.



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