February 21, 2019 at 12:27PM

insto @ 5:27 pm

CTRI Innovations artist residency now accepting applications for Feb/March/April. So far it’s been a blast, 70 people have completed the residency and each one has been a great experience (for me at least). The residency lasts for 1 cup of coffee or tea and takes place potentially anywhere coffee or tea is served commercially (though for the time being it’s limited to Providence RI). It consists of hanging out chatting with me while we drink coffee or tea. There are no application fees, and there is a 1 cup stipend. To read more about it, or to apply, see the website in the link in my bio. This offer is extended to artists who do residencies, artists who don’t, artists that don’t feel comfortable referring to themselves as “an artist”, those who do, people that I know, and people I don’t. All styles. Any questions just bark at me. 🙂



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