January 26, 2019 at 11:39AM

insto @ 5:28 pm

Lots of the creatures in my show are based on real sea creatures, inspired largely by my then-roommate Little Andrew’s DVD copy of Blue Planet. If you’re feeling tense or bugged out I highly recommend both Blue Planet and Blue Planet 2. It’s the kind of shit that makes you sit back and say “that’s my planet”. Here’s an ocean sunfish (or mola mola), it might look kind of goofy but that’s what these guys look like, I did a great job. I’m at the gallery today from now till 5 and Tuesday 3-8. Closing Thursday the 30th, 5-8. Its cool to bring a kid to the show, that’s totally valid. More info on the show at the link in my bio. #animalyear #blueplanet #thatsmyplanet #earth #motherocean @david.attenborough_official



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