December 04, 2018 at 11:36AM

insto @ 5:27 pm

Had a great CTRI residency with Alexis, talking about the blessed mystery of music. They flashed the rock horns in the pic (pictured) and I thought about it the whole walk home. At this point in time, this basically means “I love music” or “I feel passionately”, but it originated as an Italian curse protection, which Ronnie James Dio’s grandmother did when she saw how he was dressing. Dio started doing it on stage and its meaning drifted to “heavy metal” and to some degree “aligned with Satan”, before being tempered down to “rock (music)” and then “rock (feeling)”, with a sideways move to PFunk’s “calling the mothership” gesture and a shared space with American Sign Language “love”. I think it’s still very much and always has been a curse protection- Dio’s grandmother was trying to protect him from the simple but spiritually expensive shortcut afforded by black magic. Dio and his fans want to protect us from a life lived in simple but spiritually expensive dispassion. Back to Italian folk symbols- the mechanism by which this gesture is lucky or curse-removing is that it makes a crescent shape (see also horseshoes). The crescent, the cup, the container, the heart, the hearth, the mothership, music… Maybe metal inverts the cross only to elevate the cup???????? I take a pic like this for each instance of the residency, and I usually forget to take it until the end. It used to bug me that so many of the pictures showed an empty cup, now I love it. A blessing to your timeline. Let’s get a coffee. Let’s rock!



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