insto @ 5:56 pm

it’s bloomsday today and i got the test pressing for my new insane book that i’ve been working on in relative silence. very fortuitous! here’s a shot of the back cover only:

it’s a scrambled up text written using a recipe of my own invention.

it’s one of a few post-MN projects that i’ve been slowly working on with great enjoyment, and like the others it’s fun to work on, and it’s pretty abstract, which for me means it isn’t based on declarative statements. in other words, it is one of a set of projects that are absolutely lovely to work on when one is burnt out! my goals are to have an official copy in hand while the rhododendrons are still in bloom, and to complete 18 more books in this series at some point in the manageable future. test pressing looks ok but there’s still a bunch of things i have to tighten up before it goes live.

oh yeah, and the mug above is still available- picture by/of danica.



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