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Crocodile @ 5:00 am

checked in on leonardr’s page this morning, which now that he’s working a cool job he enjoys (at NYPL) is mostly movie reviews and rightful boasting. is there a word for boasting when it’s well-earned? anyway i was struck by something he wrote about mister rogers neighborhood:

The thing that stood out to me is that when he shows you a potentially unfamiliar place like an art gallery or an airplane, he always takes the time to verify that there are bathrooms there. He goes into the airplane bathroom and shows you how everything works. So you don’t pee your pants on the plane flight because you’re afraid to use the toilet.

that’s really nice. tonight me and satchmo watched a little of mister rogers on youtube- some of a random episode, his incredible senate testimony in support of PBS funding, and the segment where saxophones are made.

i guess this is from sesame st, not mister rogers– mister rogers would’ve told you what it was going to be at the very begining. anyway i absolutely loved this when i was a kid but forgot about the soundtrack, which i ended up emulating later in life. does anyone know who played on this?



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