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olivia’s applying for a grant for a thing involving me, so for reasons of documentation, i put the stuffed animals page back up. then i got zooted at the coffee place thinking about getting back in the game? i miss these guys… some of these designs are really fun, easy to make… ugh… someone talk me out of it…

anyway, today i went and wrote at the coffee shop for a little bit. on the way home i stopped in to the metal store thinking “i really want to listen to some shitmetal right now”, but i didn’t really have a good idea of what i meant. nothing really shouted at me. it was the guy i know the least working, i didn’t want to burden him with such a nebulous query (though i like him, he’s a nice guy). later i ran into a different metal store guy, the guy who i’d say is “my guy”, at trader joe’s of all places. he had a very clear idea of what “shitmetal” means, and gave me some solid recommendations right there by the stacks of cookies. then we kept seeing each other while shopping, toasting tiny little free cups of coffee… verrrrry nice.

i always tell comics people to bring their shit to the metal store but not everyone does, which is a shame, because they have good stuff there! today i got a bunch of stuff they got from the last gasp distro, including a few issues of maybe my favorite comic book of all time, duplex planet illustrated. everything was at cover price, incredible. they have zaps, weirdos… gotta check it out. also got a back issue of heartattack with a circle a cycles interview in it, it was 50 cents and from 2005. 50 cents in 2005 is still just 63 cents in 2017 money. it’s 64 pages, magazine size, black and white on newsprint. i know that paper costs keep going up, but picture charging 6 times this, and still coming in under $4 retail???? too bad everyone went in the cult/expensive direction. bring back cult/cheap!!!!!

shitmetal links:
immortal warmaster jeremy harris sends the following:

chris from the record store / trader joe’s recommends

no surprise that everyone’s got their own idea of What Is Shitmetal. for what it’s worth my tastes skew closer to harris’s. looking for wild, dumb, somewhat inept (the nice way of saying this is “lively”). probably going to cruise the search term “1985 demo” for a while. send links.

oh yeah, got a new one up on the outline: st patrick’s day



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