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Crocodile @ 4:48 pm

  • charles allin live at the vat – jeremy harris is on tour in his new ambient jazz cat / new age synth persona. he played at operatech a couple weeks ago, it was great and very mellowwww. he’s on tour now, driving across north america in 3rd gear.
  • lala has a new comic going out on patreon
  • michael deforge has a new daily comic, “richard’s valley”, it’s really good, the earlier ones have some little xerox tones in there for shading, very nice.
  • mickey’s new daily comic is called space academy 123, it’s great. nice use of pencil for shading instead of her classic dot patterns, which is also a time saver since everything can happen on the page, instead of split page / computer. we established that it was not based on this mug in my kitchen, that’s just a coincidence or possible a subconcious “he’s so fine / my sweet lord” scenario.
  • kate’s blog is dynamite. kate’s doing a fight club but for being a good person. god bless kate! #KIARB

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