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Crocodile @ 5:24 pm

i am restarting this personal website!

the first time around (1999 – 2009) this webpage was a catch-all for all my activities- in addition to daily writing, it was a bulletin board for events, an online storefront, a gallery, and a primary entry point for people interested in my various projects. in hindsight i think that doing it this way was too stressful– i should’ve treated the writing and the announcement stuff as different things. as long-time readers know i went through waves of posting and not posting, and i think a big part of it was this. it was the difference between the breezy and welcoming and emotionally open feeling of writing to a set of (potentially infinite) friends and well-wishers, and the feeling, not cold but a little more reserved, of constantly introducing myself or explaining myself.

so from now on, there will be a public front page (still in the works as of this post) that will list events and projects, and then a more removed (though not “private”) side entrance (this), that will… well, i’m not sure yet what this space is “for” yet. just gabbing a little, project notes, pics, notes to self… i don’t know. it’s kind of embarrassing i didn’t think of breaking things along these lines like this 10 years ago, but bear in mind i started this well before social media. 🙂

ahhhhh i’m overexplaining this… i loved writing on this website! and i know that having this sort of space is good for my mind, to write and think things out. so i’m getting back into it. hopefully the old comment crew comes back. leave a comment! sign the guestbook!!!!!!! add me to your rss reader!


painting on the top by tom bubul



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